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At MCB we offer you competent and vital training to winning wanted tenders but also give assurance and knowledge on how you can win those tenders.

Training for Winning Tenders


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Our team of specialists will work with you every step of the way, from conceptual design to final construction, to ensure that your new facility meets the highest standards for quality and safety while also meeting your specific needs and requirements. Whether you’re building a new facility from scratch or renovating an existing one, we have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your vision and build the best possible care environment for your service users.

  • Design and planning
  • Construction Management 
  • Project management
  • Quality Control 

As experts in the field, we offer a comprehensive consultancy service to support individuals and organisations throughout the entire process.

Our consultants are experts in crafting successful tender responses for public sector contracts. With hands-on experience, they provide clients with winning strategies and tips. The training is tailored to your audience and organisation, ensuring your team receives personalised and relevant training.

  • Bespoke Understanding of Public Sector Procurement training packages to equip businesses to engage with public sector tendering and win essential contracts.

  • Tender and Bid Writing training to teach how to plan and write winning SQs and ITTs for public sector procurement opportunities.

  • Tailored to your organisation’s needs, ensuring your team gains targeted training.

Contact us to discuss your team's training needs and learn how we can deliver high quality courses on your premises.


The core training packages are delivered in two areas:

1. Simplification of complex regulations, acronyms and jargon, empowering businesses to win public sector contracts.

The goal of our training package is to provide an in-depth understanding of the formal process, terminology, and procedures of public sector procurement. We cover post-Brexit procurement and the Public Contract Regulations 2015.

The agenda for the most recent session delivered in this area was as follows:

  1. Principles

  2. Notices

  3. EU procedures

  4. Thresholds

  5. Timescales

  6. Process documents/formats

  7. Frameworks & DPS

  8. CPV Codes

  9. Methods of evaluation

  10. How to be responsive to buyers

  11. Exercise to check understanding

  12. Forming a Bid/No Bid Strategy

  13. Useful Information


2. Assistance in creating winning responses when bidding for public sector contracts.

Our Tender and Bid, Writing training package teaches participants how to plan and draft successful responses to SQs and ITTs effectively. Although this training has been developed specifically for clients responding to public sector tenders, the material is flexible and can be customised for businesses seeking commercial or general tendering training. An overview of the content of this training is as follows:

Expectations and Introduction

Part 1 – How to prepare your business for tendering:

  • Pre-preparation and the bid library

  • Defining a Bid/No Bid Strategy

  • Managing tenders as a project

Part 2 – Writing Winning Tender Responses

  • Preparing Responses

  • Writing

  • Practical

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